Accounting Demiystified

Accounting Demystified by Jeffry R. Haber
cover buku accounting demystified
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Book Description
For new students of accounting, entry-level accounting professionals, and business professionals whose own work relates directly to the numbers on the ledger, a basic understanding of core accounting functions and documents is critical. Accounting Demystified provides a simple and straightforward description of universal elements of the accounting process, plus accessible tutorials in creating, interpreting, and using financial statements. Haber’s clear language will let readers:

* understand accounting basics * find errors quickly * prepare accurate financial statements * analyze financial documents * determine the financial health of a business * prepare a financial prospectus for potential investors and lenders
From the classroom to the back room to the board room, Accounting Demystified serves as a valuable primer on the basics of accounting and the purposes they serve.

3 Tanggapan

  1. buku apaan nih mas?
    bakalan saya dapetin pas di tingkat 3 kan?

    Gak kok, tenang aja. ni buku tentang dasar2 akuntansi

  2. buku opo iki?

  3. apa sih ini .hehehe

    Coba aja dulu mas. 🙂

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